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Re: Discuss: Heraldry question (Long!)

At 09:57 AM 6/13/96 -0400, you wrote:
>The best thing from this: I am now empowered to write letters to 
>the crown, recommending people in my aquaintance that have earned a bit of 
>recognition.  In fact, that's got to be the best part and I know TRMs 
>appreciate that kind of help.

Actually, just to correct a common misconception, ANYONE can recommend
anyone else for an award.  

Indeed, I have known cases where letters from two or three people who only
had AoA's themselved resulted in someone being put on a peerage polling and
being clamorously assented to by the order on the first go-round (it just
hadn't occurred to the royalty or anyone in the order since the person lived
in a far corner of the kingdom).

I don't deny that a knight's word on a fighter's prowess may carry more
weight with the Crown and his own order than that of a non-fighter, etc.,
but most monarchs will seriously consider a well-written recommendation from
any source.  All the good ones certainly do. . .


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