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Re: Discuss: Heraldry question (Long!)

>One suggestion when recommending someone for a Kingdom polling
>order or a peerage: send a copy of the letter for TRM to the
>Principal of that order. The Principal is the listkeeper of who
>has been recommended. This saves the Principal from having to
>find out from the very busy Majesties who has been recommended
>and Their Majesties don't have to remember to make a copy for
>the Principal.
>-Thjora Arnkitelsdottir
>Baroness of Caer Mear

While I cannot speak for every polling order in Atlantia, I can speak as to
what * was* the practice in the Order of the Pearl and am very
knowledgeable about how Master Niall handles the Order of the Sea Stag. I
wanted to clarify that the Order Principals are not obligated to keep a
list of who has been recommended for that order. Most of the Principals do
keep a list of people who are recommended to be watched by the companions
of the order for future induction; this is not the same as a list of people
recommended for the order. I would hope that people appear on the Watch
List well before they are recommended for the order so that the companions
have a chance to get to know the potential candidates and are aware of
their work. Also it takes time to develop name recognition.

To address Earnwynn's comments: only the Crown can confer awards greater
than Baronial leveland only the Crown can direct that a polling be sent to
an order. Send your *original* recommendation for an order to the Crown and
a copy to the Principal. Sending the original to the Principal will only
delay the recommendation  getting to the people who have the power to do
something about it. Principals are basically the secretaries to the orders.
They keep the records of who has been inducted, keep Watch lists, and send
out pollings. They do not have any more influence on who is inducted than
any other companion of the order.

Of course, other Principals may do things differently....

Teleri Talgellawg (former Principal of the Order of the Pearl)

Susan and Ken Reed                    AFPOPA

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