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Re[2]: Discuss: Heraldry question (Long!)

I grinned for two weeks and the corners of my mouth still get a workout now 
and then;)  The best thing from this: I am now empowered to write letters to 
the crown, recommending people in my aquaintance that have earned a bit of 
recognition.  In fact, that's got to be the best part and I know TRMs 
appreciate that kind of help.

[Falcone, not to ruin your glow, but ANYBODY can write to Their Majesties on 
anything they want to, anytime at all.  Award recommendations, problems, 
gripes, etc., etc., ad nauseam ad infinitum.  It doesn't take an AoA, just a 
pen.  Hope I didn't take away your _raison d'etre._]

J. Blackbow

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