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Re: Heraldry Question

Fairest of Greetings from Rodrigo, who is almost through with his two days
of work this week and can now go back to 3YC...

AnTir, in which I reside but which is no longer my home (Isenfir in 61
days and counting...), gives out grants-of-arms quite often, but almost
never by themselves.  The kingdom service award (goute de sang) and the
kingdom arts award (jambe de lion) both have grants-of-arms associated
with them.  In AnTir, the holders are known as the Honorable Lord/Lady,
and correctly addressed as "Your Lady/Lordship"  (and incorrectly,
annoyingly often, referred to as "Ladyship X," which has been plaguing
heralds for years now...)

Although I'm not a herald myself, I presume this is an off-shoot of the
Western Rite(tm), because both awards descended from the West's Leaf of Merit.
How orthodox AnTir is, according to Western Rite, I don't know, however, since
in this AnTiran court barons are also given a grant-of-arms, where they aren't
in the West.  Court Barons aren't referred to here as the "Honorable
Baron/Baroness," however.

Just thought I'd drop this into the discussion, since the subject of
western practice came up.


  who sits down and goes back to sipping the sekanjubin he's switched to
  since he's journeying back to 3YC this afternoon...

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