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Re: info: tablet brocading

On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Andreah Harrison wrote:

>> Does anyone know how I can either get a copy of "Tablet Weaving" by Egon 
>> Hansen or get in touch with Tangwystl ferch Dafydd?  I took her tablet
>> class at University and she recommonedd the above book.

Egon Hansen's tablet weaving book is NOT out of print.  It is available from
several of the mail order weaving/spinning/dying companies and possibley at
local weaving/spinning/dying stores (or through them by special order).  I
bought my copy (the one Lady Tangwystl had with her at University) about six
months ago. It costs about $35 in paperback.

It's also, IMNSHO, very HARD to decipher!!!!  Almost incomprehensible.

A much better book (I have heard) is Peter Collingswood's book on tablet
weaving.  That IS, unfortunately, out of print.  But I've heard rumors that
it will be coming back and I can't wait.

What do you want to do with your tablet weaving?  Are you already pretty
good at it and want to explore brocade?  Or are you a beginner who wants to
get more experience?

I'll e-mail you Tangwystl's phone number privately.  She lives in Caer Mear
and can also be reached by calling the Seneschal or Baron/ess and asking for
her number.

If you are really interested in "playing with string", I recommend you
subscribe to the SWAT newsletter Tangwystl puts out.  A VERY nice product
with lots of neat info and contact information for other 'string players' in
the kingdom.


        - Anarra
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