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Re: MR-Banter: List Designation

Lord J. Blackbow, speaking parenthetically, said,

> [Now, Alfredo, is that fair?  I myself am tempted numerous times daily to
> correct spelling, grammar, and the like, and yet I refrain.  I certainly
> wouldn't take advantage of somebody's bad grammar to make a joke.
> You WERE joking, weren't you?]

It was my mistake to fail to quote all the relevant parts of the
post I replied to.  More fully, Laird Philip said

> Greetings, Fair Gentles,
> I am in favor of requesting that gentiles limit their number of daily
> posts.

Thereby showing that he was well aware of the correct spelling
and usage of both words.

Lord J. goes on to say,

> [For those of you in the crowd who don't get it, "gentile" is a misspelling
> "gentle", and "gentile" is a reference to way back when, as in "Jews" and
> "Gentiles."]

I'm puzzled by the phrase "a reference to way back when".  It is my
understanding that gentiles obtain even in the present day, and
the word "gentile" still exists to refer to them.  I admit that I
have not been keeping up with current events as well as I should,
but I'm sure that any developments in this area that I've missed
are more recent than "way back when".

For the record, I, too, would certainly never take advantage of
somebody's bad grammar (or spelling) to make a joke.

-- Alfredo

Ed Hopkins
Equivocate [sp?], from the Latin words _equus_ (horse) and
_vocare_ (to say) [etym?], means To Just Say Neigh [def?].
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