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Re: MR-Banter: List Designation

Alfredo wrote:

Laird Philip deRose of Strathclyde writes
> I am in favor of requesting that gentiles limit their number of daily 
> posts.
I agree with this sentiment entirely!  There's certainly no need 
to limit the number of posts made by Yaakov, the two Miriams,
or myself.

[Now, Alfredo, is that fair?  I myself am tempted numerous times daily to 
correct spelling, grammar, and the like, and yet I refrain.  I certainly 
wouldn't take advantage of somebody's bad grammar to make a joke.

You WERE joking, weren't you?]

[For those of you in the crowd who don't get it, "gentile" is a misspelling of 
"gentle", and "gentile" is a reference to way back when, as in "Jews" and 

J. Blackbow

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