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INFO: Double Posts

     Good Genitalia (surely that MUST be the plural of Gentles...;>)
     I wasn't sure if this information had been posted, and wanted to make 
     sure it got on here, since this is something that's been driving me 
     The basic reason for the double messages a lot of us are getting is 
     because a person gets a message and replies to it, and since nobody's 
     really looking at the email addresses that it's going to, you can 
     deduce for yourself that the message is being sent:
     A) From the user's account TO the person who posted (1 message)
     B) From the user's account TO the mailing list, which faithfully turns 
     it around and mails it to the person AGAIN.
     PLEASE keep an eye out for this and let each other know if this 
     happens.  I don't mind a lot of traffic as long as I'm only getting 
     one of everything.
     Jonathan Blackbow

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