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Re: Re[2]: INFO: Double Posts

Jonathon wrote:
>Writes Jonathan:
>>      Good Genitalia (surely that MUST be the plural of Gentles...;>)
>Milord, with all due respect, I hope you refrain from using this form of 
>greeting again in the future.  I do not find it at all entertaining, and 
>also completely inappropriate to a forum of this type.
>[Um, not to belabor this point, but didn't we just have this discussion?  I'm 
>not about to stop saying something just because YOU don't find it entertaining 
>and YOU find it completely inappropriate.

Good Jonathon,

What my Lady is politely pointing out here is that addressing people in such
a vulgar manner is innapropriate to any forum wherein courtesy and chivalry
are to be maintained. I too found your usage less than entertaining, and
would prefer if you refrain from referring to me or anyone else here in such
a manner. When I wrote you privately regarding your note to Alfredo, I
thought I had pointed out to you clearly that, had the letter "i" been
placed elsewhere in the word "gentles", it would have led to all manner of
tasteless humour. Your usage above is an example of such tastelessness. It
was not my intention to provoke you into such usage when I alluded to this,
and I had thought you would have understood the difference between playing
word games and merely being scatalogical and thinking it funny.

Suffice to say that you have given offense, and rather than admitting that
and apologizing as a gentleman should, you have instead presumed that we
should all simply accept that you will do what you like regardless of what
offense you give. I will remind you of that medaeval custom of shunning,
whereby someone who acted in a manner unacceptable to proper manners and
customs was ignored and shunned by all. Pray, do not force yourself into a
lonely, dark corner of the Rose when all about you are enjoying
companionship around a warm fire.

>I will, however, be perfectly happy not to use it again if you would prefer it 
>that way.]

Perhaps that would be best.

Lastly, know you that I am my Lady's defender. Her shield and her sword.
What you say to her you also say to me. You have offended and angered her,
both publicly and privately. I leave it to your conscience to make amends
and trust you to be more circumspect in future.

Corun MacAnndra
Baron Storvik

   Corun MacAnndra   |   Can not run out of time. There is infinite time. You
 Dark Horde by birth |  are finite. Zathras is finite. This......is wrong tool.
   Moritu by choice  |                                        -- Zathras

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