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MR-Railery: Netiquette

Jonathan Blackbow wrote

>  to wit:  If anybody decides to take seriously whatever is said in a
>  fashion that is CLEARLY intended for amusement, I don't have much
>  sympathy, especially if they take it PERSONALLY.
>  Otherwise, a LOT of people are going to stop talking altogether for
>  fear that SOMEBODY won't be amused.

A very good point indeed, but it fails to take into account that
taking offense at something, or watching someone else take offense
at something, can be amusing in its own way.  A public reprimand
only really makes sense as a piece of theatre (a more reliable
way of affecting a change in behavior would be a large number of
private chastisements from several offended parties (in modern
terms, a spam)).

If people in this Tavern can hurl mugs at punsters, why not
let them also have the satisfaction of duels, if it pleases
them?  I'm sure we can think of some appropriate virtual

In the Period, the solution to the problem of preserving drollery
in the face of People Taking Things Seriously was to give free
license only to the Fool.  I believe that if others had some amusing
thoughts they wanted expressed, they would engage a Fool for the job.
Perhaps we should consider this option.

-- Alfredo
Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, and
Charleton Heston in 'Soylents of the Lambs'.
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