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MR: Banter: Water

Oh, dear, the fireplace has gotten out of control!  Gracious!  Lord Kevin, 
might you hand out the buckets?  There is a well in the public square-  Lord 
Gruffudd, would you lend a hand in beating out these flames?  Honourable 
Landi- would you move the flamables away from the fire?  Dear me! <slosh!>  
Please, everyone, help put out the flames!  


Well, now...I'll start mopping this up, and perhaps someone will pour out a 
round for the house...

Miriam R.  

<N.B.: I am NOT poking fun at the honour of the Gentles involved, as honour is 
something I hold VERY dear.  It was just getting REALLY intense here, and I 
was hoping a little humour might help.>

Miriam Rachael bat Mordecai | Purpure on a bend Or,
akaThe Intriguing Miriam    | between two swans naiant
Isenfiri-In-Exile           | respectant, wings elevated
mka: Heather E.M. Swann     | and addorsed argent, three 
email:swann@intercon.com    | sprigs of heather palewise
                            | purpure.     

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