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Kreigspielen Returns!

Kreigspielen Returns!!
St. Michael's Keep
July 13, 1996

     The Incipient Canton of St. Michael's Keep, (sponsored by the Barony of
Mountain), invites you to come to the coast for the return of the "War Games"
- one of the last opportunities for our brave and fearless fighters to be
authorized before Pennsic. We thought it was time for this event to return to
the annals of Atlantia history - we even booked the same site.

     Kreigspielen will take place at the Georgetown Country Club(the old
Moose Lodge)  in
Georgetown, SC on Saturday, July 13, 1996. (Only 15 minutes from the beach.)
For thosewishing to camp the site will open at 6 p.m. Friday, July 12 and
close at 12 p.m. Sunday, July 14. The site is wet but we are asking that no
original containers be visable.

     Tournament: Double elimination, heavy wepons fighting. Weapons
inspection begins at 10:30 a.m., tournament at 11 a.m.  (We intend to have a
superb prize (TBA), one to make even the noblest of fighters try doubly hard
to win.)

     Activities: A & S competition for "War Banners". Bring your best and
latest. (We will
also have a superb prize (TBA) for this one as well.) There will also be
 judging and a prize (TBA) for the best table setting at the feast so bring
your best gear.

     Feast: We plan to have a light feast, since it will be hot and muggy,
but there will be
plenty to eat. Our feast-o-crat is Baroness Constance (Heather Sweetzer).
 Seating is limited to 80 so send your reservations in early. Also, for those
wishing to participate, there will be a Neverending Story after feast with a
prize for the most entertaining addition to the story.  There will also be a
prize for the best table setting at the feast so bring your best gear.

     Remember, the only true reservation is a paid one!  We also intend to
have a post revel on site with singing, dancing, and the like, so plan to
stay late. Merchants and performers are welcome, please contact the autocrat
or co-autocrat ahead of time so we can arrange space.

     In order to further promote the ideals of the society, we decided to
give an award to the individual who displays the most chivalric behavior and
demeanor during the event on Saturday. The prize: A STRAND OF REAL PEARLS.
 Get your reservations in now so as not to miss out on this opportunity.

Finally, the horrid matter of fees needs to be addressed:

            	    Off-Board/        Off-Board/            On-Board/	
         On-Board/ 	After July2
           	      Off-Site 	 On-Site   	On-Site   	Off-Site  	Add:      
Adult     	        $6.00         	$9.00          	  $15.00    	$12.00   	 $
Children 6-12   $3.00          	$4.50        	  $  7.50   	$  6.00   	 $ 1.50
     (Under 6 free)

     Event Autocrat: Terry Martin, 708 Rosemary Street, Georgetown, SC 29440,
 (803) 546-6833.   Make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Canton of St. Michael's
Keep. Send to Baroness Simone de Barjavel (Sarah McFadden) 165 Tynes Ave.,
James Island, SC 29412.  Inquiries by email send to co-autocrat Lucas
Blakthorn (Joe Burch) JKJBurch@aol.com or call (803) 527-0270 NLT 10:00 p.m.


LOCATION: 	Old Georgetown Country Club (Moose Lodge), 
		North Fraser Street, Georgetown, SC

               Take your best route to Georgetown, SC. If you're coming in on
US Highway 17, north or south, you will eventually wind up at the Five-Points
intersection in Georgetown. If you're corning in on Highway 521, you'll come
into Georgetown at the intersection of Highway 17 (Highmarket Street). There
is a BP station there. You'll want to turn left onto Highway 17 and take this
road to Five Points as well. You'll know you're there when you see the
McDonalds and the Famous Pizza restaurant.
      From Five Points, take Highway 701 towards Conway. After you pass the
Convenience Store be on the lookout for SCA signs on the right. Just past the
Food Lion grocery store there will be a sign directing you into the Country
Club properry. If you go to the red-light you've gone to far. If your coming
into Georgetown on 701, you'll be looking for the signs and the Country Club
on your left, directly accross from the Winn Dixie grocery store and the
Anchor Bank. If you need a map, call the autocrat or co-autocrat.
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