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Re: Discuss: Heraldry question

  Re Alanna's apparent plea for divine guidance, I suspect she inadvertantly
  (or with tongue in cheek) mistook Dominus for a given name rather than the
  approved Latin style for Lord. I have received correspondence addressed to
  Lord Dominus... I use the style because I like it. :) 

So, Herveus...

Would the title equivalent of "Lord" have been used in Latin?  I must admit,
given the tiny amount of exposure I have to Church Latin (mostly, learning to
sing various Masses in college choirs, and in the Society) I can't help but
think of the title Dominus as, well, showing aspirations.  (:-)

Lord is one thing, as a title.  Lord in Latin feels quite like another: can
you teach me something about your thought process?


PS.  Remember the early story about machine translation.  "The Spirit is
     Willing But The Flesh is Weak" into Russian and back to English was
     "The Vodka Is Good, But the Meat is Rotten."  Beware literal
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