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Re: Re[2]: New list Serve Approach

Tadgh wrote:
> By now, you've probably already read my other note. But I must ask this 
> question:
>   WHERE do you see the individual? I can only see the list.
> That's why both Talia and I are complaining. I know we both use ccMail 
> (different versions, I think). But the messages don't show anything except
>   atlantia@csc.ncsu.edu

Ok, I use elm on a unix server. It's quaint and primitive but it gets the
job done. However, to solve the problem of seeing the address of the sender
as well as the reply to address, Kendrick will need to get majordomo, the
list 'bot, to print this in the visible header. It can be done. I'm on
another list that is using majordomo and I can see both the reply to and
the originator addresses. This should not be a lot of work for Kendrick,
and will solve the problem for folks who can't add sig files (have you
tried importing text into the body of your mail rather than typing it in
all the time? I don't know CC:Mail all that well, so I don't know if it
supports this feature).

> I appreciate melys' offer but I don't think you can tweak Lotus.  8^)

Well, you can but it'll just hollar a lot. ;-)

In service,

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