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At 12:56 PM 6/20/96 -0400, you wrote:
>This message itself is a simple example.
        (it was signed "sneakyperson@badidea.com")

Unto our own MerryRose sneakyperson,
        VIVAT!  Our fellows have poured manywords onto the list as of late
in arguement about a signature.  The Eudora system that provides me with
manymessages does not allow me to change my "from" person, and, so it seems,
that is the way with many of us.  However your brilliant show of a picture
(in this case, a signature) being worth a thousand words should, I hope,
transmute our thousands of words into a better banter.  Any doubters should
be now well satisfied that anything is possible with e-mail.  
                               Jean of TurtleHaven       

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