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Re: -No Subject-

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996 13:47:33 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>This is very cute,
>>From: sneakyperson @ badidea.com
>But can you do my address? And headers?

Obviously the answer is "yes". Now then, (having a hard time typing
sicnce my tongue is so firmly in cheek)

I AM OUTRAGED! Outraged that ANY member of so ostensibly honourable a
group as the SCA would stoop to such low, devious, and quite possibly
illegal tactics. Let us not discuss how this misbegotten miscreant has
mis-spent his or her youth (and I invite philosophical responses on
rather this is a "Mister" or a "Miss" prank), but rather let us
discuss the need for a COURT of CHIVALRY, for level 12 banishment
CHECKING ___ALL__ the registries in the Rolls Ethereal for
authenticity, naturalization status, and Knowledge of Elizabethean
Garb. I suggest, (i'll demand as soon as I win the first All-Rapier,
but authorized for only PRECISELY as many days as I am crown) that
another line be added to the mailer structure for EACH mailer used by
ANY member that indicates Humour co-efficient as decided by the
quotient of <gets on my nerves>/<has a clue>. I will, naturally, be
the deciding voice in all such matters, unless some one objects, in
which case I'll simply pout attractively and then tap another keg for
the benefit of all. Sigh.

Rant mode off.

Jeez. I wish _I_ could fabricate messages like that. Talk about
MAYHEM..... is it time to send PGP sigs as well as e-mail addresses?
Or can you duplicate THAT too!
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