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-No Subject-

This is very cute,

>From: sneakyperson @ badidea.com

But can you do my address? And headers?

>The point I think Aodhan was trying to make is that at least with
>a paper submission you have some form of hard evidence should there
>be a dispute of some sort.

>Also, with e-mail, it's far too easy to fabricate a submission form
>someone else with intent to harm.  (i.e. a device with crosses for
>someone who is Jewish)

Certainly I won't  be foolish enough to argue that it won't happen, but is it 
realistic enough that it will happen to warrant such exclusions?  Does it 
happen with paper submissions so often that it's a problem?  If I was so 
inclined, I could do a paper submission with all the same intentions as you 
described above, it will still do the same harm and the only way to stop it is 
tighter security measures than are in place now.  So, why put more strict 
limitations on e-mail?  You say that it's to easy electronically, I say it's 
just as easy with paper and one is no more valid, legitimate, or detectable 
than the other without some familiarity on the receivers part.

>May companies also do not accept e-mail in matters where security is
>a risk.

If the heralds were a company this might be an issue.  However, we think we are 
noble and do not think any less of anyone else unless they show otherwise, so 
why would you, or I worry about such things?  

>This message itself is a simple example.

A fine example to, it made me think about a few things.  Thanks, 

Sean MacKay (Notsosneakyperson)
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