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Re: Heraldry Via The Net

Alfredo el Bufon writes:
> > I really do need something that tells me in no uncertain terms that
> > the registration is truly desire by the person whose name appears on
> > the forms.
> This would seem to indicate that you also do not accept submissions via
> the USPS, except from people whose handwriting you recognize.  Is this
> the case?  If not, what is it about paper submissions that prevent
> spoofing 'in no uncertain terms'?

Perhaps it's the signature on the check, presumably matching the name on
the check (or one of them). If that gets spoofed the spoofer has far more
serious problems with the mundane authorities than s/he could ever have
with the SCA.

I have other concerns about electronic submissions at the various levels.
However, my thoughts have not coalesced enough to set them to e-paper.
Maybe after Known World this weekend.


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