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Re: Heraldry Via The Net

Alfredo asks:
> This would seem to indicate that you also do not accept submissions via
> the USPS, except from people whose handwriting you recognize.  Is this
> the case?  If not, what is it about paper submissions that prevent
> spoofing 'in no uncertain terms'?

I get the bulk of my submissions from consultation tables at events.
I also get quite a bit of submissions from group heralds, many of whom
I know. I don't get very many directly from submitters. In a typical 
month I may get less than five submissions directly from submitters.

In the case of USPS, I have a paper trail I can follow if something goes
wrong. Generally, paper trails lead somewhere. Following an electron 
trail, which in my experience is much easier to fabricate, is somewhat 
more tricky. In any case, the way things are working at the moment, 
a herald is handling the transactions by dealing directly with the submitter
in almost all cases. This, in my opinion, is a good thing. 

In any case, unless your sending me a resubmission, you've got to send 
me money. Sending me a submission by email doesn't help if I don't have
the money to cover the copying costs and the Laurel fee for registration.
If you want to send me the money in an envelope with a diskette on which
I can find the device artwork, that's fine. But the bottom line is that 
I have to send to Laurel $3.00 and two color hard copies for each device
I send out for registration. An electronic submission does not fulfill 
these requirements.



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