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This message has been fabricated.


Yes, even your headers can be duplicated.  (I only do this
because you ask.)  The original message was an example, this
second is for demonstration.

This practice is if nothing else dishonorable and unchivalric,
and I'll not do it again - nor will I show anyone else how it
is done.

There is a lot to think about in dealing with mail.  When in
doubt, always ask your system administrator or service provider
to help you determine the truth.  At best, dealing with 
something official, make a phone call to verify anything
suspicious (to the "sender").  Unfortunately, I think Aodhan
would go mad if he had to verify electronic submissions (via
telephone or voice).

Your points are valid, I simply added another angle.

[This note was not written by Michael_Ford@notesgw.hns.com]
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