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Mostly Info: Getting Involved In Heraldry (some banter)

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, James Morrow wrote:

  How can I get involved and help You Jaelle and the Whole Bunch Please?
> Achbar

Of course you *deliberately* waited until the Whole Bunch (or at 
least the main perpetrators) departed for the Knowne World Heraldic
Symposium to watch Jaelle officially become Laurel Sovreign of Arms!

But, seriously, you just took the first step in getting involved.  You
will now be bombarded with information!  When they get back, they will
tell you specifics (probably between Monday and Wednesday next week,
though I won't swear to that).  But since they're not here, I will tell
you what I know.

The general info is, "Herald Practice" takes place on Wednesday
evenings, in different places depending on which Wednesday it is.  (DC
metro area, alternating Virginia and Maryland sides.)  These are for
commenting on the submissions from other kingdoms, and teaching new
heralds and prospective heralds what they need to know.

Additionally, there is the high-powered session one day per month
(usually a Sunday, but sometimes Saturday) to prepare Atlantia's own 
monthly batch of submissions.  Not recommended until you've got some

Soon there will be Laurel meetings too (for actually registering the
submissions of the Knowne World), but I think these will probably be
reserved for experienced heralds.  (No, this is not inside scoop.  This
is just gossip.)  Rumor has it these may be on Thursdays.

Finally, if you are in the eastern Stierbach area, and are *seriously*
interested in learning about/doing heraldry, contact Evan da Collaureo

Ok, so I shouldn't have said "finally."  (Too bad.)  Important
Disclaimer:  These are just the meetings I know about in the northern
Atlantia area.  There are undoubtedly others in other places, if not
here.  If you are not here, contact your local group's herald for data
more applicable to your situation.

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