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Re: Re[2]: DISC: Signatures

Tibor wrote:
>  > By the way, the East Kingdom recently added a top-line header with poster. 
>  Could you be more specific about this? What's in the top-line header?
>It looks like this, Corun:
>"-Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@MATH.HARVARD.EDU>"

Thank you Tibor. This would seem to me to be an excellent solution to the
problem. It would provide the necessary email address of the originator of a
message, and not inconvenience those who would be too bothered to include
their addresses somewhere in the body of their message or sig file.

>Before any text appears.  Kendrick, I can email you the address of the East
>Kingdom list admin (heck, it's sca-east-owner@world.std.com) if you want to
>know how she did it.

Is East Kingdom using majordomo? If so, then that would seem to be that.
>  You're going to get "Message Undeliverable" next time someone's server
>  crashes or someome loses their account and doesn't tell all their lists.
>  And this will happen irrespective of how this list is set to reply. It's
>  the nature of the beast.
>Again: there are mechanisms that deal with just this problem, if we would only
>use them.  It isn't all that hard.

I've never administered a list and so don't know the ins and outs of the
software used. If you have used majordomo, could you please enlighten us on
these mechanisms?
In service,

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