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Re: MR: Banter--A contest!

Poster: alairia@juno.com (Lisa Z. Morgan)

Penned Miriam:

>'Faith, 'tis fair, this speech which fills your tongue with such as 
>might be 
>spread forth on a table, or in a menagerie.  'Tis thus I note the 
>feather in 
>your cap, and tip mine to you, as one bird to another, a swan 
>trumpetting your 
>grace and skill in arts rhetoric, winging my way past your silken 
>phrases in 
>an afternoon's musings.  That is to say, wending a terpsichorean path 
>in the 
>short notes which you put forth, and which tho' short are just as 
>sweet as 
>those of greater length.  To wit, such intonations as you bestow are 
>as rare 
>blossoms springing forth from this well-tended ground that is our 
>Merry rose.  
>Meet we anon indeed at some good time and soon to parlay our wit, and 
>hands in good friendship!

If thou dost salute the feather in my cap, dost note its hue? For it is
no shade at all if not the best azure, and therefore doth proclaim me
more than passing blest by the kindness of so fair a lady as thyself!

And, if terpsichore thou be,  (as by thine own words proclaimed,) then
shall I claim a dance when that clan which bears the same badge doth its
great Ball hold at Pennsic?  I admit most freely that my tongue is more
nimble than my feet can ever claim, yet if thou wilt grace me with a
measure, I will with happy effort suplement my meager skill.

Lyon FilsHenri, who hath met his match!
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