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Re: seeking shield walls

Poster: vnend%nudity@Princeton.EDU (David W. James)

> My lord Kwellend-Njal;
>                       Might I inquire as to the reason that you are not
> permitted to fight in this Kingdom?  Certainly, with war looming on our
> Northern borders Atlantia needs every fighter she can muster.  Perhaps someone
> can assist...?

>              In service to Sir Moehammad al-Kasy, and the Crown, I am,
>                           Drottin Thorkell Ulfsson

I'm not permitted to fight in Atlantia because I don't tithe to
California.  I no longer render unto the Board because A) they passed a
pay-to-fight rule a few years ago (which caused me to stop sending them
money) and B) they haven't gotten their act cleaned up from two years ago
(though I cheered when they recended that ill-considered rule refered to
in A).

I don't know why Atlantia has a pay-to-fight rule; it pre-dates my
arrival in the area.  I might ask the Crown to change the rule, but I'm
not going to start a crusade to get it changed (that's not polite.)
But, one of the things I miss is fighting in a shield wall in a war,
which I've always thought fun since my first time doing so back at the
Old Atenveldt reunion in '16 or '17.

But, rest assured, the Crown is unlikely to miss one more fat, old

Lord Kwellend-Njal Kollskeggsson,
and now Atlantia
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