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Re: Ld. Kwellend

Poster: Logan <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

David W. James wrote:
> Poster: vnend%nudity@Princeton.EDU (David W. James)
> > My lord Kwellend-Njal;
> >                       Might I inquire as to the reason that you are not
> > permitted to fight in this Kingdom?  Certainly, with war looming on our
> > Northern borders Atlantia needs every fighter she can muster.  Perhaps someone
> > can assist...?
> >              In service to Sir Moehammad al-Kasy, and the Crown, I am,
> >                           Drottin Thorkell Ulfsson
> I'm not permitted to fight in Atlantia because I don't tithe to
> California.  I no longer render unto the Board because A) they passed a
> pay-to-fight rule a few years ago (which caused me to stop sending them
> money) and B) they haven't gotten their act ........

I would pay twice the going membership rate to participate because I enjoy the SCA 
and the people that make it what it is.  Yearly membership costs alot less than the 
cost of taking someone to a movie with you and going to a nice dinner.  Part of the 
money each member sends in goes toward the incredibly high insurance premium the 
SCA pays to protect all SCAdians from liability.  If a member of the Society goes 
to a public demo or is at an event where the public is meandering about he/she is 
covered.  If I am fighting at a demo, for example, and My sword flies from My hand 
and strikes a child (if the lanyard does not hold) and bashes a blind nun's face 
in, I will not have to pay for the damages unless I am found negligent according to 
the insurance policy set by the Society.  Not to mention the kingdom newsletter, 
event discounts (sometimes, i.e. Pennsic), the right to vote and answer pollings 
that effect you, T.I. and the list goes on.  I'll buy that for a dollar or thirty 
five of them for that matter.

> But, rest assured, the Crown is unlikely to miss one more fat, old
> fighter.

Why with wars looming on both of Our borders this summer We would be overjoyed to 
see every fighter out supporting their kingdom, including those who are new to Our 
lands.  Please reconsider Lord Kwellend and come out to the field with Atlantia.

In service to Atlantia and Her people

HRH LOGAN EBONWOULFE, Crown Prince Atlantia
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