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Re: Re[2]: MR: Disc: Pay-to-Fight

Poster: "Cheryl L. Martin" <zofran@deepthot.cary.nc.us>

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996, Chuck Graves wrote:

> Aside from that, I enthusiastically support REVOKING pay-to-fight in Atlantia. 
> Quite frankly, it makes martial training of a new recruit illegal. No 
> membership, no training. 

> I am personally tired of training someone as a "member"--wink, wink, nudge, 
> nudge, say no more. This is certainly the place to "return to the old ways".

NOT true.  You have to be a member to be an *authorized* fighter.  Signing a 
waiver is plenty good enough for practices(which aren't official SCA events 
anyway).  Where did you get the idea that you had to be a member to 
practice?   That has never been a requirement, AFAIK.   Please let your 
local MoL and marshallate know that the pay-to-fight rule is only for 
authorizing and not for practising.  You do need to collect waivers for 
those at the practice who are not members/authorized(your MoL should have 
the appropriate forms). 

In service,
(who is certain that Isbella[or her net liaison) will correct any mistakes 
she has made in stating MoL policy.)

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