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BANTER: Re: Not Enough Saxon Violence

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

>Lord Beornheard scripsit:
>                       Not Enough Saxon Violence
>                            October 26-27, 1996
>The year is 948.  The place is Viking Kingdom of York, Northumberland,
>England.                                         ^^^^

Saxon spies must be abroad this summer, creating a fever for war, subverting
the minds of the people of Fair Atlantia by spreading rumors that the Viking
Kingdom of JORVIK is already in their hands.

Dread Majesty of Atlantia, will you allow these Saxon swine to get away with
such vile slander?  I beg you, summon your warriors and call upon all good
Vikings of the realm to rally to the aid of Eric Bloodaxe, assist in the
destruction of the Vile English, and then reap their reward by taking their
gold, jewels, women and wine (the good stuff, imported from Burgundy).  

In service to Atlantia,
Alanna, writing for House Volchevo Lesa

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