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Re: MR: Disc: Pay-to-Fight

Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

> >                                 My advice to you is to keep training and
> > teaching, enjoy doing it, and wait to see what happens with the
> > pay-to-play.  Until then keep copies of the membership form around!
> >
> When faced with a kingdom law with many distressing side-effect, I take
> a great deal of hope to hear The Man Who Will Be King say, "wait and see
> what happens", much more so than hearing anyone else speak thus.  Perhaps
> this is another example of what Henry Best said about the Prince asking
> where the fire extinguishers are.
> -- Alfredo


Logan: Wait and see what happens 

Gossip1: Logan's thinking about eliminating pay-to-fight

Gossip2: Logan plans to eliminate pay to fight

Gossip3: Logan promised to personally trash pay to fight

Gossip4: Logan promised to personally fight any trash who don't pay

Gossip5: Logan says pay or fight

Gossip6: Logan is going to reduce the cost of insurance by prohibiting 
fighters from being members

Logan: HUH?!?!?!?

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| John Strauss		| grow old. They grow old because they quit |
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