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Re: His Highness's New Clothes

Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Terry L. Neill wrote:

> As I recall, Tibor's post started out with something along the lines of '
> Your Highness, you are simply wrong.'
> Now, for Tibor, this is rather mild ;)


Yeah, for Tibor, I might even call that genteel.

Now that you repeat it, I remember something like that. I have to concede
that SOME people would consider that too blunt. But I would hesitate to
call it discourteous. And I think, even so, that what Tibor actually said 
was less blunt than that. 

Although I try to be courteous in all my dealings with everyone, I am
relatively thick-skinned when it comes to taking offense when I am
disagreed with. Especially if the one disagreeing is citing facts and is
debating rationally. 

And yet, I still feel that Tibor had facts on his side and did not cross
any boundaries of courtesy. I continue to maintain that no one would have
made a peep if he were correcting _my_ information instead of _HRH_. In a
thousand years, it would not have crossed my mind to be offended. 

> I think that statements of mis-fact on a public forum OUGHT to be corrected
> in public.  But they ought to be corrected NICELY in public.  Regardless of
> who the poster is.

Yes. A thousand times: yes! 

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