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Re: "Official"?

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

Greetings from Tibor.

Corpora defines an official event [Reformatted into 2 para's for emphasis]:
  II.A. SOCIETY EVENTS DEFINED. The term "Society event" refers to
  tournaments, feasts, and other activities whereby participants can
  display the results of their researches into period culture and
  technology in an environment which evokes the atmosphere of the Middle
  Ages and Renaissance. It also refers to educational activities
  involving either one-time classes or ongoing university organizations,
  and meetings where participants share skills or discuss the business of
  the group.

  All Society events must be sponsored by branches of the Society,
  registered with the Seneschal of the sponsoring branch and publicized
  at least to the membership of that branch, and conducted according to
  Society rules.

There you go.  Generally (although it can vary by region) the means of "making
known" is to publicize it in a local newsletter, at a local meeting, or via a
Kingdom newsletter.  (I've written in other venues about how I consider this
to be "slightly" dangerous.  For example, if I announce that my workplace is
holding a "garage sale" at a local meeting, and it is copied into the local
newsletter, it is in NO WAY a Society event.)

Within that umbrella, we have many different kinds of meetings.  One of which
is a practice: where the waiver rules are reduced.  For a good restatement of
that, see the new Governing and Policy Decision.  (Which I will post tonight,
if no one beats me to it.)

We have many kinds of events: for example, business meetings don't require
garb, and neither do practices.

Duncan, you also asked about the insurance.  It covers any formal Society
Event, provided the event does not take place on property owned, leased or
controlled by a "member".  And, when the insurance company says "member", they
have their own meaning.  For which I generally use the word "participant".

	Tibor (Read the 95-96 insurance, haven't seen the current one.)
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