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Re: "Official"?

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  One of the areas I'm still grey on is the demo. Are they covered by
  some insurance policy? Just WHAT does the policy cover? Anybody got a

I have not yet seen the newest policy.  I have read several years worth in a
row, and I have read a book on non-profit and exempt organization risk
management and insurance liability.  (Called, appropriately "Am I Covered?")

The Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) insurance covers the SCA
Incorporated, those organizations that purchase a Certificate of Insurance,
and some others from having to pay legal damages in the event of a successful
suit, under *some* circumstances.  Almost exclusively when the litigant is not
a participant in the organization or its activities.  It also covers the
Corporate Officers, the Employees, and as of last year, some volunteers: but
the coverage for them is sharply reduced.  That means if *they* get sued as
well (under very limited circumstances) the policy would pay their damages as
well.  (Damages are NOT legal fees.  Those, *you* pay.)

It specifically does not cover cases where the participant owns the property
that is damaged.  If the armorers burn your house down, forget it... (:-)

We have lots of other types of insurance (Equestrian, Workman's Compensation,
Directors and Officers) but those are generally not what people are asking

If the organization (or it's participants) get sued for more money than the
policy covers, or for areas that the policy fails to cover, they are totally
on their own.  Again, some exceptions apply, especially to Directors and
Corporate Officers.  (A Corporate Officer is one that is listed in the
by-laws, and does NOT include a local officer.)

Does this help?  I could go on, and on, if asked.

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