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Re: MR: Disc: Pay-to-Fight

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com

>                                 [...] I do agree with you that it is a
> real pain to train a fighter, watch him/her improve, take them to an
> event and say "well now you can watch the fighting and maybe afterwards,
> if anyone has anything left in 'em, you can try someone different".  It
> is very iritating.  I deal with it all the time with My weekly practice
> here.  Currently I am training five non-members and hope to get them paid
> and authorized before Pennsic.

Let me say that I feel Your Highness's pain in this matter, and would
like to suggest a temporary solution.  Now, I assume that the gentles
are you are training are currently non-members because they are still
unsure if the SCA is right for them, and so are not ready to make the
finacial investment.  (May I further assume that they are young people
with more time than money on their hands?)  There are other finacial
investmest associated with a fighter's life -- the cost of armor,
weapons and so on -- which I suppose are covered by the Silver Key.
Well, perhaps there could be a kind of Silver Key for "loaner" memberships.
Then a newby could, at no additional cost or obligation, experience full
membership before deciding to commit his own money.  Then, if he does
decide to drop out after a few months, is there anything in Corpora or
Kingdom Law that would prevent the remaining months of his membership
being transferred to another newby?  Well, yes, I suppose there must be.
Still, the amount of money lost is small, when absorbed by the group.

His Royal Highness goes on to say
>                                 My advice to you is to keep training and
> teaching, enjoy doing it, and wait to see what happens with the
> pay-to-play.  Until then keep copies of the membership form around!

When faced with a kingdom law with many distressing side-effect, I take
a great deal of hope to hear The Man Who Will Be King say, "wait and see
what happens", much more so than hearing anyone else speak thus.  Perhaps
this is another example of what Henry Best said about the Prince asking
where the fire extinguishers are.

Secondly, though I hesitate to correct a Prince, might it not be more
correct for you to sign your missives "MRH" for "My Royal Highness"?

-- Alfredo

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