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RE: "Official"?

Poster: Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@MICROSOFT.com>

>Poster: Tom Brady <tbrady@nando.net> wrote:
> What makes an SCA event "official"?
>Publication in the kingdom newsletter - sure. But what about publication in
>a baronial/shire/canton newsletter? Or an announcement at an "official"
>meeting? Corpora does not seem cover this.
Being a baronial chronicler, I can address this one, as far as
publications go.  According to Kingdom Red Tape, baronial/shire/canton
newsletters must include a statement of the following form:

>This is  Vol. 2, No. 7,  July 1996, of the PH?NIX, published monthly by and
>for the members of the Barony of the Sacred Stone, part of the Society for
>Creative Anachronism, Inc.  This is an UNOFFICIAL publication and DOES NOT
>delineate SCA policies.

	Therefore, anything published in one of these publications is

Yours in Service,
Lord Gawain Kilgore
MKA Gregory Stapleton
Chronicler for the Barony of the Sacred Stone
Kingdom of Atlantia
kilgore@vnet.net / gregsta@microsoft.com
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