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Re: Re[2]: Banter[2]: Omnipotence

Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

> >Also, the Demon was playing a game with other Demons.  When I'm 
> >playing, say, a chess game, I am _able_ to pick up one of my pawns 
> >and move it clear across the board, but my opponent almost always 
> >expresses annoyance when I do, so I generally choose not to.
> You are also constrained by the rules of the game. You may be _able_ to make 
> the noted move; however, you can't keep it...annoyance or not. 
> Regards,
> Tadhg

O Noble Tadhg,

Mr. Language Person was reading over my shoulder. He tells me that you
have committed the Harnfinkle Error. Mrs. Harnfinkle is the composite
avatar of all elementary school grammar teachers. She is the woman who
first replied to your question of "Can I go get a drink?" with "Well, you
_can_; but you _may_ not." 

Mr. Language Person says you must write, 1024 times, "I may not banter 
semantics with poor grammar."

| Ld Henry Best		| "People don't quit playing because they   |
| John Strauss		| grow old. They grow old because they quit |
| jstrauss@gmu.edu	| playing." 	    -Oliver Wendell Holmes  |

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