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Re: Tolerance

Poster: Rcardiff@aol.com

I hate to point this out, but it is not just the chivalry that has a poor rep
out of kingdom. Several years back, before Brok became Master Brok, we were
at Lillies War near Kansas City. Someone refered to him as Master Smith, he
corrected them, saying, "That;s just Brok, I'm not a Laural" to which the
Gentle quipped "Why not? Are you from Atlantia or something?". He thought it
was a joke, apparently a common one in Callentir and the Mid, and was
mortified when I informed him that, yes indeed we were Atlantian. Similar
comments have been made about the orders within my hearing at Trimarian and
even Eastern events, and surrounding a number of Atlantians, not just my
lord. It greaves me that the kingdom has a rep for housing people that won't
recognize merit, in fighting, arts, or service. I've tried to set those I've
heard speaking this way aright, pointing out that a few visables do not
represent a kingdom of 1500+payed members, but I hope that the Kingdom's rep
can be straigted out soon.
                                   Miriam, who is typing while nursing so
forgive the spelling
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