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Re: Tolerance

Poster: virtual valkyries <valkyries@jagunet.com>

Well said, Sir Dafydd,
I cannot agree more with what you have said about Atlantia's bad reputation
abroad.  I have also found this to be true while visiting other lands.  I
think that until we Atlantians send a very strong signal to those who do not
follow our agreed upon rules, the blow sloughing and discourtesy will only
continue to grow in practice.
While I agree with what you said about practicing intolerance, I do have a
few questions about putting it into practice.  Should I refuse to fight
those that practice poor acknowledgement or wait and bow out of an
engagement when I feel that I am unable to deliver a telling blow?  Thorvald
and I have discussed this a number of times and he has often opined that he
will just continue to adjust his blow upwards in force, and if his opponent
still wants to call it light, let him.  Since that isn't exactly an option
for me :), I am wondering what you would suggest.
                                        In service,
                                        Victoria Fitzgerald

>Poster: kuijt@umiacs.UMD.EDU
>Dafydd ap Gwystl, Knight, sends greetings to all gathered to hear
>my words.
>I was pleased to hear Master Bran bring up the main thrust of his
>note, inadvertent as it was.  As some have said, if we cannot
>discuss it we have no chance of changing it.
>I have heard similar complaints about groups of Atlantians from
>Lilies War this year through some of my friends in the Outlands.
>And other complaints about different people, but also groups of 
>Atlantians, at Estrella, and at Gulf Wars.  Combined with Toys...
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