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Re: Demo Question

Poster: Scott Law <law@sirocco.mitre.org>

> Just a note - while you can make boffer weapons in any form that you 
> wish, the only ones that can be used on site, at a tourney, CANNOT have 
> PVC inside. We've had too many children sustain 'blunt weapon' bruises 
> from them. I'm still trying to find an acceptable substitution. If you 
> have any suggestions, please contact me.

  A friend of mine gave me the following description a while back.  I made
a pair for a friend's kids.  Worked pretty well, but they do fold occasionally
and develop a crease.  But fairly cheap and easy to make.



It's pretty straightforward-- wrap a 2-1/2' - 3' piece of 2" diam pipe 
insulation (the big stuff) and a 12" cross hilt of the same with duct
tape until covered.  The tape secures the hilt, and the tape keeps the 
boffers safe from breaking (Pretty much).  Sealing the ends adds stiffness
due to the air seal (rattan weapon thrusting tips have to have the tape
pierced for this reason).


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