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info: Compiled list of canvas sources

Fellow Denizens of the Rose-
Here is a compiled list of the sources for wide canvas I was sent, along with 
the gentles who pointed them out:

1) G-Street Fabrics, there are at least 2, one in Centereville and one in 
Rockville. The one problem with them is that they can be a tad expensive.  
2)You also may want to look at Minnisota fabrics.  There is one in the Pickett 
shopping center just off of Route 236 and Pickett road.   It's right next to 
the theateres.
3)Jo-Anns fabrics might have what you need but I wouln't bet on it.  
4)Also in the local area is a place called Fabric Warehouse.  Well actually it 
isn't quite local the only one I know about is in Bright Hills area, Dundalk 
MD, I think.  THe one atvantage that they have is that they are the end-
resellers of Minnisota fabrics, remnants, unsellables etc., and you can 
usually find what you need 1)in bulk and 2) Cheap.  
The person I was supposed to meet last night showed up without directions to 
fabric Warehouse.  If and I stress IF my memory serves me correctly you take 
your best route to 95 north (towards Baltimore...I think thats north).  
(depending on where excatly you live would be 495 north.  You will be 
travaling for a while on 95  but the exit for Dundalk is just after the toll 
plaza.  The only thing you have to do after that is to make a U-turn to get to 
the shopping center that the place is in (ther's a sign). 

You might want to check a map to confirm this but I just talked with a
friend and we're relativel*y certain thats how you go.
Yours in service
Gruffudd ap Cadfael ap Daffydd ap Rhys ap Infintum

5)Andrixos the Calontir trim merchant (andrixos@aol.com) sells 5' wide
cotton canvas for a VERY reasonable price.  -Anarra
>I carry said canvas, though temporarily out of stock.  I will have some at
>Highland River melees on June 22.  Price is $3.00/yd, 
>or $2.50 if you buy a full 50 yd bolt.  ($125).  You should be able to get
a decent sized viking tent out of 25 yards.  
>I would love to get a head count of who would be interested in some, as my
>driving it in from Kansas City is the way I can offer it so cheap.
>In this regard, I have three questions for you:
> 1) Does it have any waterproof qualities? 
   It has been sized, but other than that is 100% cotton.
Nature's own waterproofing.  Put it this way.  I lay out $8000-$10,000 worth
of trim under my tent without 
bothering to pack plastic sheets to keep them dry.
 2) How soon do you need to know if I would like to buy a bolt then?
   I am leaving for Lilies Wednesday at noon.  
> 3) Do you take checks and/or credit cards?
    Checks, made out to Steve Boyd
                                   1401 Haven  B-31
                                    Hagerstown MD 21742

6)Important notes :You can get up to 90 inch 4 weight at G-street, however a 
much cheaper better weight canvas is available at the Baltiomeore Fabric 
Warehouse.  The have 'TENT' canvas in 30, 60, 90, 120,360,480 inchs, 
all colors and very reasonable price.  Take cash or plastic, they 
don't take checks.

This is all the information kind Gentles have sent me, and I thought a 
compilation might be appreciated.  My thanks to you all!

Miriam R.