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Re: a few unrelated questions

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Xavier wrote:
> Atually I have heard of doing just that
> thomson's on canvas makes some sense (both are celulose) it would probably
> halt the cotton's absorbative ability.

I've known many folks who use TWS on their canvas and swear by it. What I
meant by "anything bad" was whether TWS was sifficiently toxic to cause any
physical harm to someone applying it. I haven't heard of any.

> flamabilty (increase or decrease) and water repellency would be my concerns.
> My guess on flame retardancy is that it would be increased or remain the same
> else TWS would be a fire hazard on decks where people grill

As far as I know, TWS is only a water sealer, not a flame retardant. I
suspect it may have some sort of side effect, but it's not billed as a
flame retardant, and should not be bought on that premise. Sorry if I
implied otherwise, but I don't recall the original post sufficiently to
know if I missed a question about fire proofing.

I've been trying to remember who I heard this from and have failed to recall
the gentleman's name, but a couple years ago a former King of the Middle
mentioned a fire retardant chemical that he'd been testing that he highly
recommended. Alas, I not only can't recall his name, but the product name
is also gone from memory (insufficient storage, maybe I need an upgrade).

Tibor, do you recall those conversations? It was, I believe, two Pennsics
ago, back when there was still a Pennsic Advisory Council. There was
quite a discussion on the Rialto for a time.

In service,

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