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Re: Widow's Fund

Poster: steele@sprynet.com

On 18 Jul 1996, "Toscano, James" <James.Toscano@den.mmc.com> wrote:

>If I may hazard a guess....
>     When investigating whether or not a group could give monetary
>     offers of support to an individual, we found it was not possible
>     for a non-profit organization to do this.  *However*, from one
>     organization to another, this was ok.  So I think he was suggesting
>     that we create an "organization" that is "Tragically Widowed.."
>     so that she could receive official Kingdom support (from poetry
>     publishing proceeds) without any legal issues.
>     I'd guess the sarcastic undertones were due to an annoyance with the
>     law, not with the situation.  (Though the wording could have been
>     a little clearer, Leifr... ;-)

  There are ways to do take up a collection without running afoul of the private 
inurment provisions of tax-exempt organization law. The easiest way to do it is 
not to make it an activity of SCA, Inc. -- the corporation. Get some volunteers, 
 put out donation baskets at events, and make it clear that the donations are 
not being solicited by the corporation or its subsidiaries.
  Note: the technical effects of these gifts on the receiptient's taxes could be 
interesting, but a good accountant should be able to deal with it.
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