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Re: Tirant as an example of Chivalry

Poster: MarsaliFox@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-29 19:17:12 EDT, you write:

<< Tirant is an excellent book, although very long for the casual reader and
 need of a 'good parts' version.  However, it was written very late in the
 chivalric era and is contemporary with the far more famous 'Don Quixote.'
 possesses strong elements of satire and world-weary sophistication.  It is
 not a how-to manual for chivalry.  If you want that, go back to one of the
 books Martorell heavily plagarized, Ramon Lull's 'Book of the Order of
 Chivalry' or find a translation of the anonymous poem 'Saladin' wherein the
 Christian Sir Hue instructs Saladin in the meaning of knighthood.  Those
 the instruction manuals of the period, not Tirant. >>

There was also Christine de Pisan's guide that was published several times in
both french and english throughout the 15th and 16th centuries.
 Unfortunately, the english publishers omitted her name as author, but modern
reprints have corrected this.  I am at my mundane office so I do not have my
copies exerpts in front of me but the name translates into something like
'Feates of Arms and Chivalry'   I can look this up if any are interested...
 Her format was to present an allegorical poem drawing on classical archtypes
about a particular aspect of chivalry followed by a commentary.  This was
written for her son who was following his deceased father's path to
knighthood and the book was presented to the King of France who had it
published as a training manual.  This book was reprinted several times and
was in use throughout Europe for several centuries.  

I'm sure that I have a fact or two not quite right due to condensing a lot of
info one paragraphs as well as not having  looked at the notes on this book
in a some time.

Marsali Fox
purpure, a gore argent, a fox couchant regardant argent
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