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Re: Newsletters and Pennsic

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  Secondly, I wanted to remind all those with any drawing capabilities about 
  Herald's Point at Pennsic.  They have a constant need for artists so if you 
  can spare an hour or two during the day it would be greatly appreciated. 
   Again if you're not an artist yourself but know various individuals who 
  are capable, please encourage them to stop by!

My friend, and deputy herald for my Barony, Lady Margaret Holmwood, is going
to be coordinating the scribal tent.  She really could use the help, and is a
wonderfully pleasant person to work with.  (And a *terrific* artist.)  I too
would urge you to help out this dear person.

And, if I can brag on a friend: she has taken it upon herself to decorate the
heraldic consulting tent with coats of arms.  Each of those arms use period
charges that do not seem to appear often in Society heraldry.  They are
*gorgeous*, and very inspirational.  And, when we checked them not long ago,
eminently registrable...

I'm very proud of her work: she has spent much of the last few weeks
illuminating those arms in my basement, and I think they are stunning.  So,
even if you can't draw, please go by the heralds tent and tell her she did a
nice job.  Then, stick around, and color in a few drawings, or trace out some
arms, as a kindness...

	Tibor (A too loyal friend: but what are friends for?)
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