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Re: question about recipes

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

Becky McEllistrem wrote:
> Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>
> Firstly, what are sultanas?  (In a cookie recipe)  

In American terms sultanas are golden raisins.  (The California type taste a tad different, but work well in every recipe I have ever used 
including the very sensitive sultana scones). 

> What is castor sugar? 

You can actually buy this in the States at gourmet food stores in larger cities (I got some in Charleston fairly recently).  It is similar 
to coarse granulated sugar or fine sugar crystals but not as refined.  It is light brown in color and depending on the recipe either "raw 
sugar" from health food stores or "brownulated" sugar works as a good substitute.

Alisoun who used to live in England . . .

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