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RE: Query re: A&S/heraldry comp at Pointless

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

In regard to Elen's inquiry:

What I meant by *not* a new tabard or banner competition is that you
*can* use your existing banners and tabards. i.e. you don't have to make
new stuff. We are looking for the general display, not necessarily a
"banner judging or tabard judging" competition. This means that all the
formats you mentioned are acceptable. We are looking for the definite
presence of heraldry on the battle field and sidelines. Documentation on
your use of your heraldry is a wonderful thing that will certainly be a
bonus in the judging but it is not required. Does that help to clarify?
Master Herveus? Lady Rhiannon? Would you like to step in and suggest
things you would be looking for or would like to see in this type of

As far as displaying unregistered devices...I don't think you can..BUT
perhaps one of our heralds on line could clarify the rules and customs
for that for us.

In regard to the Open Display, there are No specific medium requirements
and although documentation is not required, it is always nice. It
actually assists in clarifying your own knowledge of your subject and it
allows people who are interested in your subject to find out more about
it...always a good thing.

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