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Re: MR-Disc: Registration of Arms

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Greetings from Eldred!

Who obviously doesn't have enough to do at the moment.....8^)

Scripsit Tibor(who also apparently doesn't have much to do....) 8^)

%Anarra wrote:
%  No one should have the same arms as someone else in another kingdom.
%  That's what the college of arms is for.  Jaella's whole mission in life 
is to
%  prevent anyone in the SCA from registering arms that look like anyone 
%  arms.  Anywhere.

Hmmm.  I'll keep my mouth shut on this one.  8^) 8^)

%But, as I said, this is both counter to history, and counter to the way the
%College of Arms is really chartered.  Social reinforcement says so,

%But the rules simply don't, and history tells us they shouldn't.

I seem to recall Corpora sez that the CoA is responsible for registering 
arms....Which means that is exactly what the CoA is chartered to do.

%  This is actually one of the few remaining reasons why a Court of Arms 
%  be called on someone in mundane England.  (And also one of the reasons 
%  Chirurgeons have that upside down 2 in their badges instead of a 
%  recognized red cross.)

%Not quite true.  There is frequently much discussion on the first 
%on the rec.heraldry newsgroup, and the overall conclusion I've seen is that 
%such court can be called anymore.  And if you check out both of the 
%Scropes cases, you will see that conflict is just one of the factors they

I quit reading it some time ago.  I never saw anything new after the first 
of days.  I have no idea whether a Court of Arms can still be convened.  I 
Lord Lyon still has such authority, but the English College of Arms may not.

%The chirurgeons badge issue wasn't heraldic at all.  The US Government 
%a treaty that gives the Red Cross symbol protection far above and beyond 
%nornally given to symbols, and we violated it. Once the Red Cross took
%official notice, we had to change it.

Actually, this may not technically be a heraldic issue, but if we classify 
trademarks and logos as a type of heraldry, the logical leap is not to 
difficult to
make.  If everyone who was a "registered" chiurgeon within the SCA was also
a member of the Red Cross, would it have been an issue?

In addition, the use of the red cross also seems to violate our own rules 
conflict with mundane heraldry.  Isn't there a Rouge Croix Herald in the 
College of Arms?

%And, in the realm of heraldic education, that odd symbol is a Fleam, which 
%a poor rendition of a tool used to bleed people suffering from excessive 
%Hand me one, would you?  People seem to think I am all worked up over
%something.  (:-)

At least a fleam is easily identifiable....  As far as handing one to you:
Nope.  I'm the only one who thinks you are worked up over something... 8^)

Have another mead, Tibor.  At this rate you will be under the table by the
end of the afternoon.  8^)

In service,
Neutral Minion(tm) fnord of Jaelle and the Atlantian College of fnord 
There is nfnordo conspiracy.
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