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Re: MR-Disc: Registration of Arms

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Lord Evan, Kraken Herald writes:

> Atlantia does not currently have anything that passes for a "flag" such as
> the Cross of S. Andrew serves for Scotland. I requested that we work on
> this the last time armory changes came up, but nothing came of it. Maybe I
> should try again...?

I think it would be a nice idea.  Per pale argent and azure (is that the 
right order?) a fess wavy cotisied counterchanged.  With the passage of 
the Modest Proposal it no longer matters that this is only one CD from 
Per pale argent and GULES, etc., as the holder of those arms (a German, I 
believe) was hardly someone of import or notice.

But then, of course, would we have a Naval ensign?

who did all those nifty variations of the proposed heraldry changes back 
in Michael's reign, and hopes that helped save the cotisies ;-)
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