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Re: MR-Disc: Registration of Arms

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Unto Alfredo el Bufon does Eldred send greetings and pasta!

Thank you for keeping it all in perspective.  What else is a fool for?
Come over here and have a mug of mead with Tibor and myself....

Just don't spill any with your capering.... 8^)



Alfredo pontificated:
%If I saw someone flying a banner of my arms, as that Eastern Peer
%recently did, I think I'd handle it something like this:

%"Did you make this banner?"

%   "Yes."

%"Well, it's really very, very nice workmanship.  I must say
%I'm touched.  Is it a gift for me, or may I offer you something
%for the time and materials?"

%   "No, this isn't for you at all.  It's my banner.  Everyone
%   in my barony associates this symbol with me."

%"Incorrectly.  Why don't you think up some other symbol for
%yourself and make a new banner.  In the meantime, I'd be happy
%take this one of your hands for you."

%   "No, I'm going to keep this banner.  As I said, everybody
%   who knows me knows this banner."

%"Well, you certainly have every right to fly my arms as your
%banner, and there's nothing I can do to stop you, but there's
%one thing you will never be able to do:  You'll never get this
%registered with the College of Arms of the SCA, Inc."

%   "I don't want to get it registered."

%"That's clear enough.  But even if you wanted to, you CAN'T.
%Not ever.  Not for a million dollars.  Not with all the kings
%horsemen and all his foot soldiers.  Never!  So there."
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