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More heraldry questions

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Unto the heralds gathered here does Corun, Baron Storvik give greeting.

I would like to know, O Learned Heralds, whether it is proper for a
Territorial Baron and Baroness to display their personal arms along
with the Baronial ones. My assumption would be that the personal arms
would be smaller in size than the Baronial arms to denote the higher
rank of the Territory over the Person.

As an example, let us say that Her Excellency Brenna and I process
into Pointless War with a retinue of our Officers and Retainers (those
formerly known as the Thugs of Storvik). Directly behind us we could
have a Lieutenant carrying a Lieutenant bearing the arms of Storvik,
followed by two Ancients carrying Ancients bearing the personal arms
of Brenna and myself. Her Excellency and I could be wearing surcoats
bearing the Baronial arms in full, while the retainers could all be
wearing surcoats bearing the Badge of Storvik. Behind the Ancients
could come some several Ensigns, each bearing a representaton of the
badges that denote our various Baronial Orders.

Wherein, Good Heralds, have I deviated from proper heraldic usage and
display, both according to mundane practices and what is allowed in
the SCA (knowing from the previous discussions that the two diverge
in practice). Also, to add some more spice to this pottage, where
might any of this conflict with any sumptuary laws in Atlantia.

In service,

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