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Re: Acorn on the Web

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu>

> Poster: Rabah az-Zafar <rabah@ix.netcom.com>
> Greetings to the Merry Rose from your Chronicler, Lord Rabah az-Zafar!
> <snip...>
> with the new deputy position, I will also be warranting the current keepers
> of the local group pages under my office. If your group has a Web page,
> please follow the procedures for warranting a chronicler so that I may get
> Warrant letters out. They will receive the title Web Minister for (Group
> Name). I will be contacting each of them directly in the near future as well.
> In service to the chronicles of our dream,
> Rabah
   Ohboyohboyohboy!!!  Even still yet more Official SCA Bureaucracy!!!
More warrents!  More required memberships!  More quarterly reports!
More presence required at Unevent!  More official hoops to jump through!  
Thank <diety of your choice> somebody beat me to setting up a web page
for the shire...
   Say, maybe we could just get rid of all this medieval stuff and
become the Society to Creat Bureaucracy (SCB)!

--Landi (who knows he should just shut up, but is particularly 
         irritable today -- sorry...)
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