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RE: Acorn on the Web

Poster: "Sallie Montuori, aka Alys of Foxdale" <foxdale@wolfstar.com>

> Lord Rabah, could you kindly formulate =very simple= "how to do it" 
> instructions for us, and post them here?  Can this be made accessible in 
> some form to those who have e-mail only (not full web access)?

You would do better to contact someone you know who is familiar with
your internet connection, either a friend or your ISP (Internet
Service Provider).

If you have only email, you cannot do web.  However, you should check
with your ISP to find out whether you do in fact have web access and
just didn't know it.  You may not be able to use one of the web
browsers like Netscape that shows you all the pretty pictures, but
Lynx, for example, is text-based.  Since there are so many programs
available, each different, you need to find out what you have (or
don't have) and then proceed from there.

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